warsaw monument

Warsaw Monument

The Village of Warsaw is nestled in a picturesque valley at the crossroads of State Routes 19 and 20A.

The surrounding hills provide a changing backdrop with each season. There is the white of winter snow, the lush green of spring and summer, and the colorful display of fall foliage. Visitors come many miles, especially in the autumn, to enjoy the beauty of Warsaw’s hills and valley.

In 1803, Elizur Webster came from Hampton, NY and was the first settler in the area now called Warsaw. In 1841 Wyoming County was formed. Warsaw was selected as the county seat. The village was incorporated in 1843.

15 Perry Avenue Warsaw, NY 14569

15 Perry Avenue
Warsaw, NY 14569

Our Society is greatly indebted to many area residents for its growth and in particular to the late Lewis H. Bishop who served as its President, who was the curator and inspiration for many years. The Board of Directors of the Warsaw Historical Society encourages anyone with interest in local history to join the Society. By joining, you will help preserve the area’s heritage for future generations.

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